Living With Depression: Things We Wish People Understood

Depression isn’t a sign of weakness. There are points where I wish I could just quit, but I don’t. Just existing feels like the hardest thing sometimes. Please be understanding and kind. It can be anyone. Usually you don’t see it because we learn to wear a mask. Just because I’m laughing doesn’t mean I’m not hurting inside. Just because I smile doesn’t mean I’m always okay. And it’s okay to not be okay sometimes.



The first tattoo I ever wanted was one we've all seen. . . birds fading into the distance. . . and I wanted it on my back. Luckily, I waited a few years (try like 7) to finally get my first tattoo. And of course, it was Harry Potter related. I've talked about it in …

Road Trip 2017 – California, Here I Come!

Mechanical bull riding in my underwear, my friends and I making up our own words, my first tattoo, California Adventure nearly for free, lots of caffeine, a limousine ride around Vegas at 3am, rock collecting, getting caught in a flash flood, playing the ukulele and chasing birds at the beach, hours spent in the car …