Being There For Your Partner With Anxiety

My head is spinning.

New, more stressful thoughts pop up by the second.

My chest is tight, when did it become so hard to breathe?

I feel like crying. . . or laughing. . . or crying. . . or screaming. . .

Wait, why do I feel so angry?

Why do I feel like this?

What must my boyfriend be thinking?

He must think I’m crazy, I feel crazy!

He’s going to leave.

Who would blame him?

God knows I would leave these feelings too if I could. . .


I’ve been through plenty of anxiety episodes and panic attacks (try daily). It’s been a struggle figuring out how to deal with them on my own, let alone how to add another person to the mix (without feeling like I’m making them want to run for cover). When you’re stuck on a rollercoaster of unexplained emotions, it’s hard to pinpoint where things went south, or how to express how I’m feeling or “what’s wrong” to someone who’s trying to help.

“What can I do?”

“What do you need?”

They’re coming from a place of love. You can tell they care about you but you just don’t know what to tell them. You wish there was a way to fix it. I wish I could let him fix it.

Luckily, I stumbled upon an incredibly insightful and well-written “Meltdown Guide” on ways you can help your partner going through an anxiety episode.

If you know someone with anxiety, I highly recommend reading and bookmarking this article. Even if you are a person with anxiety, I urge you to read it too. It helped me have a better idea of things that I can ask for when I’m feeling anxious and made me feel less alone, less like a burden.

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