Bisexuals Are Like Werewolves

After coming out as bisexual a little over six months ago, I’ve been exposed to a wide variety of reactions and expectations from strangers, partners, family, friends, fellow internet goers, Tinder matches, you name it.

One of the most frustrating things I’ve come across is having people question my sexuality. Sometimes, even to my face. Oftentimes it seems like people quickly assume that I just haven’t made up my mind yet, or that I’m just going through a phase. That maybe I’m just “bi-curious” because “have you even been with a woman?”

I spent years and years and years denying my own sexuality. Finally admitting my own attractions to myself, let alone coming out to other people took a lot of soul-searching. YEARS of it. So hearing doubts like these from people close to me or even strangers can be a struggle.

If you (yes you, reading this blog post) are not bisexual, let me fill you in on something we go through: Doubts come up. These doubts aren’t coming from an actual fear that you might not actually be bisexual, but from doubts of people around you. From messages surrounding you in the media and society that tell you that you have to pick a side. Accepting that these doubts will come and go and not judging yourself for them can be difficult.

For those of you who are bisexual, I’d like to share an article with you titled “8 Things To Remember When You Question Your Bisexuality” that I found insightful and validating.

I hope you enjoy and remember, you’re not alone!

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Oh, and if you’re still wondering why bisexuals are like werewolves. . .
allow me to explain:3739dec08373cabb59e56dc3894931eb

2 Replies to “Bisexuals Are Like Werewolves”

  1. Lauren, I love this post. I could only imagine what it was like in Logan for you when you came out. I think it is great that you did and you know who you are. I truley think if you are bi you are really and ultimate lover of people. Humans and made to be loved and to love no matter where thier attraction is. Be proud of being Bi!!

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