Easy Breakfast “Muffins”

I can’t stand meal prep.

I like cooking, especially when I have some music going and someone to cook with. BUT I find it frustrating. I have so much to do! I have so many other things I feel like I should be doing than chopping broccoli and chicken then loading it into Tupperware.

However, I also know that if I don’t prep my meals in advance, I am much, much less likely to eat healthy. I have an awful habit of holding off on food because nothing I have to eat is quick and easy to make and besides, healthy food just doesn’t sound good. Plus all that work to make it edible? No thank you.

This is when my cravings usually set in. And I just discovered that they sell brookies (chocolate chip cookies cooked on top of brownies) at the store within walking distance of my apartment. I’ve also found out just how easy it is to have a burger and fries delivered to my apartment. . . so prepping in advance is pretty damn important!

I found these recipes on Facebook the other day and had to try them. I only made the first two but I will be making the others as soon as I get all the ingredients because they are delicious! Because really, what doesn’t taste better in a muffin tin?? (It could be the fact that they’re shaped like cupcakes, who knows.)

Try them for yourself and visit my Instagram page @honestlylauren for more health and fitness tips both mentally and physically.


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