Let’s Talk: Body Positivity

The past couple days I’ve found myself looking at my legs and wanting to hide them.
If I were to say I had a “problem area” it would probably be my legs.

I’ve never had kids.
I’ve never had significant weight loss or weight gain.
I workout regularly & I eat pretty healthy. . .
But I still have stretch marks.
I still have cellulite.

AND. . . so does everyone else.

Comparing yourself to other people is the fastest way to get into a negative mindset and stunt the progress you’ve been working so hard on.

But, just because I’m writing a blog post about it doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle with this. In fact, this is something I am CONSTANTLY having to work on.

Just the other day, a friend of mine posted some awesome pictures of herself at the gym. I looked at them and wished I could just look more like her. For a minute, I felt pretty awful.

Then I realized something.

Only a few months before, I remembered a conversation we had where she expressed similar feelings about me. I couldn’t believe my ears! That’s when it really hit me. We judge ourselves so harshly that we struggle to appreciate what we already are, we overlook how far we’ve come, how amazing we are just the way we are.

Another quick realization I wanted to share with you before I let you go. When we look at ourselves we tend to see our flaws. When we look at others, we tend to see their strengths. I experienced this first-hand last week.

I had asked Michael to take body measurement pictures that I would be sending to my clients for our weekly check-ins. In my bra and shorts, I measured 7 points on my body and felt extremely self-conscious. So self-conscious that I started getting angry and taking it out on him when I had no reason to. One picture in particular really got to me. . . my stomach.

Looking down at my stomach for the measurement, I saw flab. I saw love handles. I saw my “pooch”. You know, where I keep my extra cookies. Michael could tell that this is what was going through my head (okay, and maybe I was also complaining out loud) and he reassured me that I looked amazing, you know, the whole thing (he did a great job by the way). I snapped at him and hurried through the rest of the pictures.

A few hours later when I input the pictures into a document, I looked at the picture of my stomach.

Whoa. It looked nothing like what I was seeing from my perspective. It looked better than I was picturing.

When we look down at ourselves (both literally and figuratively) we tend to see the bad. It’s important to remember that this is not how things really are. That our perspective at the moment is a little skewed. It’s important to step back and realize that those negative thoughts do not define you. Negative thoughts are not you. They come and they pass. But then it’s important to move on to positivity.

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