My Coming Out Video

I was recently asked by Unite UK to share my coming out story so that it could be featured on their blog ( So, here is my coming out story (this time in video form). I also touch on a couple things I’ve experienced as far as dating goes since coming out as bisexual in October of 2016.

Also note that this is the first video I’ve edited and/or published to YouTube so when you see mistakes, just know I’m still getting the hang of things!

I also wanted to share with you a video that really helped me to understand and to feel more at ease with my sexuality. Evan Rachel Wood does an incredible job of explaining bisexuality and some of the quirks and the struggles of being bisexual. I highly recommend this video, even if you don’t identify as such! It’s a little long but it’s worth every second!


As always, find me on Instagram @honestlylifeoflauren and/or contact me to let me know what you thought about this post and especially about what you’d like to see in the future! Remember, you are not alone.

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